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D3 Record book -

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HB Record Book
Meeting the Standard
HB RecordsWhat is the Standard?
Provide an accurate and detailed outline of mount’s care in order for someone else to take care of your horse if you are gone for a prolonged period of time or injuredTack & Equipment used for Flat and JumpingLocation of tack equipmentBoots and pads usedTacking RoutineInformation should include horse behavior: how the horse behaves for the farrier, how is he/she with blanketing, etc.If your horse is sold or leased, a copy should go with your horse so the new caretaker can provide appropriate care
It provides an accurate reflection of services and care provided in a written outline including: mount’s health care, feed schedule, hoof care, conditioning schedule, and competitive scheduleYour record should reflect competence and sound judgment & maturity in the continuing care of your mount and equipment. Should understand reasons for your decisions and when to seek assistance.Records may reflect care of more than one horse
HB Record BookGeneral Information
One year of recordsStart a new record each January, keeping the current year in the frontUse USPC format as a guide, or preferably, your own record system that includes all of the necessary informationDo not use as a scrapbook
Keep in a 3 ring binderIf desired, personalize with a cover pageThe Record book should be professional and neat. Use a pen or type the information.When presenting your record for a rating, be sure to total columns in pencilBe sure to know what is in your book. Examiner’s will ask you about the contents
HB Record BookGeneral Horse Information
Contact information forRiderOwnerHorseVeterinarianFarrierInsurance, write N/A if not applicableIdentifying FactorsHorse description with photo
Vital signs at rest, at work, and at recoveryVices, phobias, trailering issues, cribbing, girthy, etc.Special Medical information including allergiesRegistration information, if not applicable write “unknown or not applicable”. Do not leave blank
HB Record BookVeterinarian Records
Be sure to include your veterinarian’s name, address, and telephone number, even if it is in the Horse information section.Organize this section into Routine and Non Routine Care.Be sure to include any pre-purchase exam papers
Please be specific when listing types of vaccines. Describe what is in a “4-way” vaccine.Note the location an injection is given along with the serial number, lot number, and the manufacturer. Also, include the brand and generic names of the product used
HB Record BookRoutine Procedures & Annual Care
ImmunizationsDate givenWhat type of vaccineWhen is it due again?Location givenBrand & Generic NamesLot NumberSerial NumberExpiration DateCost
De-WormingDate givenBrand and Generic names of de-wormerDe-wormer formulaWhen is it due again?Expiration DateLot NumberSerial NumberCostProvide a de-worming schedule for the year
HB Record BookRoutine Procedures & Annual Care
Farrier RecordsDate service performedWhat was specifically done? Describe the type of shoeing done and why. List any changes made and why.Type and size of shoes usedWhat is the date of the next visit?Cost
Other Procedures such as Dentistry, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, MassageDate service performedWhat was done?Note any special needsWill there be a recheck date?Include contact information for all service providersCost
HB Record Book Extra Vet Visits
These visits are above and beyond your routine care of your horse. They may include:LamenessSicknessX-raysJoint injectionsInjuries
Be sure to include information about:Why the mount was seenWhat procedure was doneAny diagnosis made or treatment doneCostDate
HB Record Book Feed Records
Measurements of feed should be in pounds and ounces but you may also include measurements in volume measures such as flakes and scoops.Be able to relate feeding principles to conditioning schedule or a specific eventsUnderstands reasons for use of chosen feed or supplementType and Brand of FeedFeed labels or tagsDocument changes in diet, including reasons for change and any reactions the horse may have
HB Record Book Feed Records
Location of where feed is storedBe knowledgeable about basic principles of feedingDocument type of roughage, concentrates, supplements, and salt source with time of each feedingsInclude date, item, & costApproximate feed times
Be sure to track all supplements or additional feeds purchasedIf your horse is kept at home, the feed expenses should be itemized and estimated on a monthly basisIf boarding, be sure to list what is included with boarding
HB Record Book Conditioning Schedule Record
Goal is to show exercise or training routine for an average weekDocument activity doneDocument how many days of the week each activity is performedDocument average number of minutes done for each specific activityDocument dates of changes and what you are changing from and to
HB Record Book8 week Conditioning Plan
Separate written 8 week conditioning plan for a specific event of your choice with goals and objectives appropriate to your current horseDescription of conditioning activityInclude a paragraph about what is conditioning and what condition your mount is in when you began the process: soft, working, or hardShould reflect an understanding of conditioning principles with T.P.R.’s at rest, at work, and at recovery
Discussion of aerobic vs. anaerobic workT.P.R.’s should be done at least weekly.Average minutes you spend on each activityInclude feed changesBe sure to have components of interval training, hillwork, flat work, wind work, jumping, & long, slow distance work in your planEquipment Documentation: Flat and jumping equipment required and application of each. Be sure to include the location of all the equipment as well
HB Record BookActivities
Should reflect all horse related activitiesDateActivityLessonsClinicsCompetitionsRalliesPracticesCampsUnmounted meetingsGroup trail rides
CommentsWhat was worked on?Placing in a show or rallyProgress made in an area worked onWhat you liked or did not like about the activityCost
HB Record BookOther Expenses
The level of detail expected is reflective of the Horse Management expectations for a HB.Expenses to be tracked could include:TackBarn equipmentRider clothing purchasedHorse clothing purchasedRally or show costsTrailering fees or maintenance
HB Record BookIncome
May include monies earned from horse related activitiesHorse sittingGrooming jobsBraiding at showsSale of used tackBody clipping horsesStall cleaningLessons
Or non horse related activitiesChoresBabysittingBirthday or Christmas moneyAllowancesCamp counselor
HB RecordsExceeding the Standard
If you are interested in Exceeding the Standard for Records, look at the expectations for the next rating level.Personalize record pagesAdd more depth of knowledge or details to comment or description sections
HB RecordsWhat not to Include
Anything unrelated to the horse such as past rating certificates, study material, etc.Any loose papers. All papers should be contained in the 3 ring binder. Plastic protectors work well for keeping loose items secure.Records for more than one horse (keep horse records for each horse in their own 3 ring binder)
HB Record Book
For questions or information on how to purchase additional Record CD’s contact:Willamette Valley Pony Club





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D3 Record book -