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Files mounted on theMakingStrategySage websiteSixsets of PowerPoint slides:Introduction to Making StrategyStrategy as the Prioritisation and Management of Key IssuesStrategy as Purpose: Agreeing Goals and Aspirations for the OrganisationStrategy as Competitive advantageClosureThese slides are intended only as a supplement to the book and do not represent a complete picture of the theory, concepts, or practice that lie behind the approach to strategy. They provide some further examples and pick out some main themes.They have been designed so that they can be modified and added to. However, the copyright of the material lies with the authors.Four sets of PowerPoint slidesthat list the tasks for each of the four forums. These are directly from the book and save retyping them if required.A 2-page quick guide to the use ofDecision Explorer.This guide provides the majority of the ‘hot-key’ instructions that used extensively during the Making Strategy process.Videos introducing the use ofDecision Explorerin the issue management forum. This provides a quick way of ‘getting the hang’ of using the software at a basic level.
GroupExplorerThere is also available a Group Support System that allows participants to enter statements and links directly in to a publicly displayed Decision Explorer model. The system also allows for the rating of statements, and the indication of preferences about, for example, options to focus on, undesirable options, leverage on goals, etc.The significant benefits of the system are higher productivity, anonymity when appropriate, the ability to monitor development consensus, and facilitator monitoring of levels of participation and type of participation. The system has been used extensively over the past 10 years by a number of Business Schools, managers, and consultants. It has been used with top management teams of MNC’s as well as with pressure groups.Thesystem requires the purchase of the Group Explorer softwarefromAckermann&Edenat Strathclyde Business School, a full copy of Decision Explorer, Windows Server, and 2 laptop computers (one running Windows Server and the other Windows 7).See:Ackermann, F. and Eden, C. Negotiation in Strategy Making Teams Group Support Systems and the Process of Cognitive Change.Group Decision and Negotiation. 2011; 20(3)293-314.Andersen, D.; Richardson, G. P.; Ackermann, F., and Eden, C. Using a Group Support System to Add Value to Group Model Building.System Dynamics Review. 2010; 26(4)335-346.
Scripts for the Strategy as Competitive Advantage Forum
Chapter 8Ackermann & Eden, Making Strategy: Mapping Out Strategic Success
Strategic Managementis aboutagreeingwhich competences topracticallyfocusenergy, cash, effort, emotion
Script forSurfacingand gathering of views about distinctivecompetencesTasks:Surface distinctive competences: 10-15 minutesCluster emergent competences and check for missing competences: 5-10 minutesDeliverable: a clustered set of draft competencesScript Timing: Minimum 15, expected 25 minutes
Refer to p210
Script forExploringDistinctive Competence Outcomes or Distinctive Competences or DistinctiveAssetsTasks:1) Categorisesurfaced competency material: 25-35 minutes2) Ratedistinctiveness: 15-25 minutesDeliverable: Categorised and refined picture of competencesScript Timing: Minimum 40 minutes, expected 60 minutes
Refer to p214
Script forDistinctivenesscomes fromPatternsTasks:1) ‘Drilldown’ from highly rated distinctive competences/outcomes: 20-30 minutes2) Explorefurther links between competences, assets and outcomes and review the unfolding picture: 5-10 minutes3) Identifydistinctive competence bundles: 15-20 minutesDeliverable: Representation of categorised and refined competencesScript Timing: Minimum 40 minutes, expected 60 minutes
Refer to p219





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Scripts for the Issue Management Foru -