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Section 28.1 Notes Eisenhower in the White House

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America in the 1950s1953-1960
Chapter 28
1. Richard M. Nixon- A young senator from California who was selected by Republicans to run for vice president. (p.815)2. “ I feel pretty good when I’m attacked from both sides. It makes me more certain I’m on the right track.” (p.815)Eisenhower3. When Eisenhower left office in 1961, there was a Federal Budget surplus of 300 million dollars. (p.815)4. The greatest domestic program of the Eisenhower presidency involved building a network of interstate highways. (p.816)
28.1 Eisenhower in the White House
5. John Foster Dulles- Secretary of State who proposed a foreign policy of massive retaliation. Massive Retaliation- an instant attack using nuclear weapons. (p.816)6. Some families built air-raid shelters in preparation for nuclear attacks. (p.817)7. The Space Race began when the U.S. launched the Explorer satellite in January of 1958. (p.817)
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8. Domino Theory- The belief that if one nation in Asia fell to communism, others would follow. (p.819)9. The Domino Theory led to the creation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO). Group of nations that pledged to take joint action against any aggressor. (p.819)10. The U2 plane incident caused a refreeze in the Cold War. (p.820)11. Military-Industrial Complex- The alliance between big business and the military. (p.820)
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1. Standard of Living- the measure of people’s overall wealth and quality of life. (p.822)2. During the 1950s, 75 percent of new home construction took place in the suburbs. (p.823)3. During the 1950s teens kept up with the latest hit songs on a show called American Bandstand.(p.825)
28.2 1950s Prosperity
•4. Generation Gap- differing attitudes of the older and younger generations. (p.826)
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1. In the 1950s more than 20 percent of Americans lived in poverty. (p.828)2. John Kenneth Galbraith- Wrote the bookThe Affluent Society. Told of how prosperous America was in the 1950s. (p.830)3. Betty Friedan- Writer who believed 1950s housewives were dissatisfied with their lives. (p.831)4.Television, advertising, and magazines reinforced the image of women as perfect wives and mothers. (p.831)
28.3 Problems in a Time of Plenty
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•5. The Montgomery Bus Boycott helped the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. (p.831)





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Section 28.1 Notes Eisenhower in the White House