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Pulse Survey Follow up
I have the results….now what?Leaders and their teams can use the data to review the results and identify areas they want to positively recognize and those they see as new or continuing opportunities.Talk with your team! There are tools available to give you a starting point includingThe slides hereThe results of your SBU or function (Global HR business partners have these)Your team results (both direct and rollup) available in the Gallup system
Pulse Follow Up
The PPG Way… how we behave, work and operate to achieve success
Every single day at PPG...
We partner with customers to create mutual value.
We are insightful, dedicated and proactive. We have intimate knowledge of the market and our customers. We focus on practical solutions that make a difference.
We are “One PPG” to the world.
We are better and stronger together. We leverage our scale to reach new markets and introduce innovative technologies as we differentiate and disrupt our markets..
We trust our people every day, in every way.
We enable and empower our people to make the right decisions. We are inclusive, transparent and respectful. Our feedback is clear and actionable.
We make it happen.
We have a passion for winning. We achieve. We deliver with discipline and integrity. We bring our best energy to our work. We decide and act intelligently and quickly.
We run it like we own it.
We respect one another by being responsible and accountable. We always act in the best interest of our company, customers, shareholders and our communities.
We do better today than yesterday - everyday.
We continuously learn. We develop our people to grow our businesses.
Team Commitment & Action: Identifying“From… To”behaviors
Team Discussion on the results for your business & your specific team:Did our team see improvement in a specific area?What is driving that? Are the behaviors that we identified in previous sessions having a positive impact on the results?Shouldwe continue withourcurrent path or make any changes?Whatdo we commit to continue doing, stop doing or start doing?Did our team see a decline or less progress than expected on any items?What behaviors are holding us back?Is there a new or changed behaviorthatwouldhave the most impact onourteam’sengagement?How can we tell if we are seeing change? What measurement would help us to stick with the change? (template on next slide)
Team Commitment “From…To”:behavior
From Behavior
Updated goals & snapshots in the workday system; check-ins completed
To Behavior
I check a report to see if my employee put their goals in the system
Imeet regularly with my employee, review their Workday goals, conduct Check-ins, & complete snapshots
Think about behaviors that your team engages in that actively hinder your team from successfully enacting the PPG Way or reduce team effectiveness and engagement. Which one behavior change will have the most impact on overall team engagement? How will you measure the success of implementing that behavior? Choose 1 or 2 metrics.
Will we have more surveys?There will beotherpulse surveys in the futurethat will again have a limited number of questions to support areas of focus.We will have another full surveyendof Oct/early Nov2019 withall Q12 Gallup Questions and the additional questions that were askedinNovember 2018.Whydo the Pulse surveys only ask limited questions?A pulse is intended to be quick and targeted toward a few focus areasFocus areas are selected through a combination of fundamental items according to Gallup and items where the organization is providing support to see if those solutions are good or if we need to continue to develop. These focus areas will rotate as time goes on to include other topics and ways to get feedback.Why are we doing these so often?To increase the opportunity to hear from you & see trends as they happen instead of waiting 12-18 monthsKeeping the team conversations fresh and ongoing throughout the yearAre there more improvements coming?We are working to incorporate opportunities for you to give more open ended feedback in the pulse and survey process





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