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We get to know your business so well that as you grow and change,we help you reduce your total cost of risk and avoid surprises.
BTM’sdeep risk management expertiseis accessible to every client,proactively and when requested.
BTM’sspecialty services help you tobecome a safer and less costlyrisk to insure over time.
BTMintegrates our service teams, systems and expertise with yours to educate, support and back up all risk management functions.
Risk Identification and AssessmentASSESS business characteristicsIDENTIFY exposuresMONITOR client’s business
Insurance Renewal and MarketingDEVELOP specificationsNEGOTIATE coverageCOUNSEL client to make insurance decisions
LossPreventionQUANTIFY insurance costsADVISE managementCREATE a risk control plan
ClaimsAdvocacyESTABLISH proceduresADVOCATE on client’s behalfRESOLVE complex or disputed claims
Risk and InsuranceProgram ManagementSCHEDULE client servicesCUSTOMIZEZywaveSUPPORT client specific projectsPLAN for insurance program continuity
BTMProperty & Casualty Service Promise
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Our Services:
Our Services:





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