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Kings and Prophets -

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Kings and Prophets
Revival or Captivity?Lesson 3
2 Chronicles 29
Hezekiah’sfirstyear,firstmonth, he opened the doors of God’s templeHe called the priests and Levites to consecrate themselves AND the Lord’s houseHe knew God’s wrath had come because of their sins2 Chron. 29:8-9 and 2 Chron. 28:5-21
Numbers 18
Aaron and his sons were chosen by the LordThe priests were the ONLY ones who could take care of the temple’s furnishings.Even the Levites could not touch the holy things or they would dieThe priests were given certain portions for their food. The Levites collected the tithe from all Israel, then gave a tithe of that to the priests.ALL were warned and knew of the seriousness of their service
2 Chronicles 29:10-20
It was in Hezekiah’s heart to make a covenant with the LordHe began his revival with the spiritual leadersThey had to consecrate themselves before they could enter the temple to clean and consecrate itTook 8 days for themselves: another 8 for the templeThen the princes, leaders of the people had to get ready for worship
Getting ready to worship
First offerings were the sin offeringsThen the musicians had to be stationed, ready for praise and worshipThen the burnt offeringSongs of worship were once again heard in the house of the LordDeut. 17:18-20 Hezekiah knew what was requiredPeople were cleansed by their offeringsThe Levites were more diligent than the priests……
2 Chronicles 30
Hezekiah’s Passover is a good themeHe invited ALL of Israel to the Passover in the2ndmonth of his rule!He sent letters with couriersHe knew the character of His God: gracious and compassionateThecouriers were laughedat,scorned and mockedSome people of the Northhumbled themselves and cameProbably the first time they had ever been
Hezekiah’s Passover
Consecration of priests and LevitesCleaning and consecration of the Lord’s houseSin offerings for the princes and all the peopleMusical praise and worship with burnt offeringsThank offerings from the peopleIt was celebrated in GREAT numbers with great joyCelebrated another 7 daysThey prayed and the Lord heard
2 Chronicles 31
Hezekiah appointed…..people brought contributions2 Chron. 30:27…their prayer reached to heaven!Peoplebegan destroying the idolatrous thingsPeopleneeded to bring their tithes to the Levites who tithed to the priests….which they didIn 3-4 months there were HEAPSObedience because Hezekiah did what was good, right and true and he prosperedHe did everything with all of his heart for God
2 Kings17:1-7
Hosheakingof Israel: Assyria took Samaria into exileHosheakilledPekahand was an evil kingPaid tribute toShalmaneser, king of AssyriaSent for help from him, but he putHosheain prisonThis was during Hezekiah’s 4th– 6thyears of reignHezekiah was the most righteous of all the kings of Judah
2 Kings 17:7-41
Verses 7-23 tell WHY exile cameVerses 24-41 Syncretism: The combination of different forms of belief or practiceRevival in Judah, Exile in Israel and others were living in her land.They brought their own godsLord sent lions to destroy them for idolatry in His landPeople asked for a priest to teach themAlthough they feared Him, they still served other gods
2 Kings 18:1-12
Hezekiah’s mother wasAbi, Zechariah’s daughter2 Chron. 26:5 Zechariah might have been Hezekiah’s maternal grandfatherHe did right according to all that David had doneHe trusted in the Lord like no other king of JudahHe clung to the LordHe didn’t depart from following Him and kept His LawThe Lord was with him and he prospered





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Kings and Prophets -