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Budgeting 101 -

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Budgeting 101
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Budgeting: What, how, when,and why
WHAT: To plan expenditures for everyday lifeHOW: WE WILL SHOW YOU!WHEN: Everyone should always have a budget whether money is an issue or not; emergencies can happen anytimeWHY: Everything requires money and it feels good to know limits and set boundaries
Keep in mind
IncomeExpendituresNeeds vs. WantsFuture expendituresEmergenciesShort term and Long term
Average Debt of graduating College Students: $26,600Average Credit Card Debt: $15,185Average Mortgage Debt: $147,133Young adults are most likely to go bankrupt than any other age groupsAverage yearly income perhouse hold: $50,054
Don’t have enough money to pay for next month’s rent/utilities/ or school tuition?Don’t forget about late feesNomoney for emergenciesDon’t forget about bankruptcy or low credit score
Online BankingKeep your Budget somewhere closeWait a week before making “want” purchases that are over $15.00Make an allowance for yourself
Think about the future
Things to keep in mindUnexpected Hospital/car/house/technology bills or loss of incomeFuture marriage plansPaying off student loans





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Budgeting 101 -