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Get Start With Focusky

Step One
Select Background Image and Color
Now let’s start to create wonderful presentation.
First of all, create new project.
Next, select a background image for your presentation.
Then select a background color.
Check the effect.
Step Two
Add Frame to Path
After choosing background image and color for your presentation, it is time to add frame to path.
You can customize and reorder the path. Then you can add contents into frame now.
Step Three
Enrich Presentation with Multimedia Contents
Select a path to insert contents.
Then start to insert contents such as image, shape, text, flash, video and more.
Step Four
Add Animation and Preview
Step Five
Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial
Video Tutorial
Publish Presentation to Cloud or Local
Video Tutorial
Before publishing presentation, you can customize option settings first.
You can publish it to cloud.
Publish as Web Page (.html).
Publish as Windows App (.exe)
Publish as Video (.mp4)
Publish as Mac OSX App
Publish as Archive (.zip)
Step Six
Share to Social Networks and Embed to Webpage
Video Tutorial
Once you upload your presentation online, then you can share or embed it.
Click “Share” button, share window will pop up.
Now you can copy the code to embed it into web page.
Or share to social media sites quickly.
Now try to create your own video presentation with Focusky.
How to Get Start with Focusky?

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Get Start With Focusky