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DUPA (Dynamic Urban Parking Assistant) new

What is DUPA ...
DUPA is a parking assistant system.

DUPA allows to make:

Park Payments;

Park "finder"

Navigation to park area;

DUPA supply customers with information about parking places, like

- fee
- free places/park capacity
- rotation index based on time table
- etc;
DUPA functional levels

Requires magnetic sensors for each car park place, connected to a gateway which is connected to DUPA cloud services and allows:

Park payment, park finder, park navigation, fee information on time basis, exact cost calculation for parking time, real time park cost visualization;

Supply park information up to date in real time, as park place occupation state, park area rotation index on time basis and so on;
DUPA functional levels

Requires HW technology as bletooth le 4.0 and (SW protocol as) iBeacon and allows to:

Automatically wake up DUPA mobile app providing it with information about park area/park place ID permitting to perform "hands-free" and "mistake-free" check-in/check-out operations ;
Dynamic Urban Parking Assistant
Dupa can be installed as three different (growing) level of functionalities, due to different technology availability:


requires mobile and cloud technology and allows:

park payment, park retrieving, park navigation, fee information on time basis, exact cost calculation for parking time, real time park cost visualization;

does not supply real time park occupation information or does supply park occupation information but based on heuristic algorythm or historical data;
DUPA functional levels
How users access to DUPA

Several apps on mobile devices (smartphone and tablet, Android/iOS/Windows Phone) are (and will be) available, compares to different user roles

Web application (DUPA portal), with different functionalities for different user roles;
Which user roles are involved in DUPA

People who wants to park (final users)

People who needs to manage public and/or private parking areas

Public city administrators that manage parking areaa

Private companies* who needs to manage parking areas
(*) every park area managing company can assign parking area management activities to different sub-companies recognizing them a commission
Police personnel in order to check parking payments

System administrators for managing the system and recogning commisions to different dupa roles involved;
DUPA Service Subscription

Final users can make parking transactions through a mobile app.
After downloading the app from the store, they need to subscribe to dupa service.
This can be done directly in-app or via DUPA web portal.
In-app subscription:

facebook registration

Just providing the user facebook account and aone or more vehicle-id (license plate). : the app will read fb information and will store it on dupa DB, generating a new password. The user/password will be then stored on customer mobile and a registration summary email will be sent to the email address associated with facebook account;
In-app "normal" registration

Providing user information, as user/password/name/surname etc. and one or more vehicle-id (license plate). If the customer is a company (or he refers to a company), invoice data also must be provided, in order to receive in automatic way an invoice.
Web DUPA portal

Accessing to www.dupa.com (now available at http://akvm3.cloudapp.net/dupa) providing the requested data (same data requested by in-app registration)
DUPA Payment methods

Several internet payment system can be implemented.

At the moment, a paypal payment method is implemented and fully working.

A user accesses to dupa web portal and recharges a certain money amount using its credit card or its paypal account.

This parking credit amount is immediatly visualizated on the mobile app and parking transactions can be performed till credit is available.

Next step to be implemented is "recharge" operations ability directly from mobile app.
DUPA business model

Dupa payments are directed to a dupa bank account.
As soon as a final user makes a recharge, a payment is done from dupa account to the park management company. A commision is kept by dupa, according to the agreement between dupa and park management company.

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DUPA (Dynamic Urban Parking Assistant) new