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Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy
LD 2-
Training Objective
Task:  Develop a personal leadership philosophy​Condition: Given a class, example, reflection guide, and formatStandard:Email your personalleadership philosophy inthe requiredformat toyour TACby the datehe specifies
Personal Leadership Philosophy: Definition
“Aset of beliefs, values, and principlesthat stronglyinfluences how we interpretreality andguide our understanding ofinfluencing humans. It’s our philosophy, ourunderstanding, andinterpretation of leadership,that affectshow we react to people, events,and situationsaround us.”George Ambler
Beliefs, Values, Principles
BeliefsConvictions people hold as trueDerived from upbringing, culture, religious background, and traditionsValuesDeep-seated personal beliefs that shape a person’s behaviorPrinciplesMoral rules or beliefs that help you know what is right and wrong and that influences your actionsSee one organization’s articulation of its beliefs, values, and principles
Personal Leadership Philosophy: Purpose
Articulates “what the leader believes” concerning leadershipCreatesa mapthat guidesthe leader as he attempts to shape apositive organizational climate“Throughthe applicationof apersonal leadership philosophy as manifestedin theorganizational command philosophy, theleader impartshis values throughout the organizationand affectsits moral and operational compass.”Harry Garner
Personal Leadership Philosophy: Process
“Reflectionon your life story andyour experiencescan help you understandthem ata deeper level—and so you canreframe yourlife story in a more coherent wayas yourfuture direction becomescongruent withthe knowledge of which you areand thekind of person you want to become.”Bill George
Personal Leadership Philosophy: Development
Reflect on one’s past experience, values, and beliefsIdentify transformational events or “crucibles” the leader experiences in lifeCodifythe changes in values and beliefsthat result from crucibles
A Sample Personal Leadership Philosophy Clemson “orientation ambassador”
Crucibles: Good Times
Crucibles: Bad Times
Beliefs, Values, and Principles
My beliefsxxxxMy valuesxxxxMy principlesxxxx
Relationship to People and Situations
How I influence peoplexxxxHow I react to peoplexxxxHow I react to situationsxxxx
Impact on your Leadership and the Organization
My definition of leadershipxxHow I leadxxHow that effects my organizationxx
Finalize this rough draftTransfer it to the worksheet in CITLEARNEmail it to your TAC by the date he assigns
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