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Classroom CulturePresented byOffice of the Dean of the FacultyInternational Student Orientation 2019

Rollins Classroom Culture
Checkyour email dailyGetto know your facultyPreparefor class and participateVisitthe Olin Library and use their resources.Visitthe Tutoring & Writing Center.Goto class! Good attendance is importantand expectedat Rollins.
Rollins College Honor Code
The Philosophy of the Academic HonorCodeMembershipin the student body of Rollins Collegecarries withit an obligation, and requires a commitment, toact withhonor in all things. The student commitment touphold thevalues of honor - honesty, trust, respect, fairness,and responsibility- particularly manifests itself in twopublic aspectsof student life. First, as part of the admissionprocess tothe College, students agree to commit themselvesto theHonor Code. Then, as part of the matriculationprocess duringOrientation, students sign a more detailedpledge touphold the Honor Code and to conductthemselves honorablyin all their activities, both academic and social,as aRollins student.Thedevelopment of the virtues of Honor and Integrityare integralto a Rollins College education and tomembership inthe Rollins College community. Therefore, I, a studentof RollinsCollege, pledge to show my commitment tothese virtuesby abstaining from any lying, cheating, orplagiarism inmy academic endeavors and by behavingresponsibly, respectfullyand honorably in my social life and inmy relationshipswith others. This pledge is reinforcedevery timea student submits work for academic credit ashis/her own. Students shall add to the paper, quiz, test, labreport, etc., the handwritten signed statement:
Rollins College Honor Code
“On my honor, I havenot given, norreceived, norwitnessed anyunauthorizedassistanceon thiswork.”





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