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How are School Readiness Goals connected to coaching ?
Improving our practices supports school readiness goalsProfessional Development and Comprehensive Coaching are connected to School Readiness goals by improving our HOVRS practicesand PAT Fidelity practicesCoaching will support goals through observations, resources and optional trainings related toSchool Readiness goals, connecting them to chosen practices
Head Start Early Learnings Outcome Framework (ELOF)
AlignSchool Readiness Goalswith the ELOF 1302(a)(3)NMCAA has identified the elements that correspond between ELOF and TSGOLD to come up with our School Readiness Goals.EHS breaksdownSchool Readiness Goals further by looking at our EHS GOLD Data yearly and determining focus areas out of each Area of Development and Learning for professional development.
Head Start Program Performance Standards
Head Start Program Performance Standards1 302.92 Training and Professional Development(c) A program must implement aresearch-based, coordinated coaching strategyfor education staff.(Practice Based Coaching)HSPPS 1302.92 (c) (1)Assesses all education staff to identify strengths, areas of needed support, and which staff would benefit most from intensivecoaching;(Professional Development Survey; Needs Assessment)HSPPS 1302.92 (C) (2)At a minimum, provides opportunities for intensive(Comprehensive) coachingto those education staff identified through the process in paragraph (1) of this section, including opportunities to be observed and receive feedback and modeling of effective teacher practice directly related to program performance goals;(Comprehensive Coaching Goal)HSPPS1302.92 (C) (3)At a minimum, provides opportunities for education staff not identified forintensive (comprehensive)coaching through the process in paragraph (c) (1) of this section, to receive other forms of research-based professional development aligned with program performance goals;(Professional Development Goal)
NMCAA EHS Required Goals
Evaluation GoalCompleted with PSC.Annual RequirementEvaluation goals are designed around job responsibilities.Completed once a program year and reviewed as needed with PSC.AND
ComprehensivePractice Based Coaching GoalorProfessional DevelopmentGoalIntensive Coaching = Comprehensive Coaching
What is Comprehensive Practice Based Coaching?
Aprofessional development strategy that uses a cyclical process. This process supports teachers' use of effectiveteaching practicesthat lead to positive outcomes for children. PBC occurs in the context of collaborativepartnerships.Steps for Intensive CoachingStep 1: Shared Goals and Action PlanningStep 2: Focused ObservationStep 3: Reflection and Feedback
Step 1: SharedGoals and Action Planning
Meet face to face withyourcoach and create an action plan based off of your professional developmentsurvey.Coacheeand coach plan together how to deliver coaching (when and what the coach will observe, what supports the coach will provide, how feedback will be provided).Implement your goal in your home visit practice with all your families over (approximately) the next two weeks.Schedule and observation with your coach.
Goal Setting Example
Step 2: Focused Observation
Your coach will observe a home visit with you and focus only on your goal. This will allow for additional support if desired.OrRecord your observation usingSwivland send only the completed goal portion of the video to your coach.
Step 3: Reflection and Feedback
Meet with your Coach face-to-face, Zoom, or email to reflect on your observation.Through reflection and feedback, changes in practice are considered, evaluated, and strengthened.In reflection and feedback, progress toward goals and action plan steps are discussed or considered, and new action steps or goals might be identified that become the focus of the next cycle of coaching.
Coachee’s are chosen from Practice Based Coaching SurveyPractices are chosen based on agency wide EHS scores from HOVRs and PAT Fidelity Tool.Observations by coach are completed every 2 to 3 weeks.Weekly contact with coach.Typically a year long cycle.PSC and CFS will come together to make adjustments to job responsibilities to allow for comprehensive coaching.
What is a Professional Development Goal?
Practice is chosen from aresearchedbasedpracticeHOVRsPAT Assessment.
Goal setting is most beneficial in person.Bi-monthly contact with coach via Zoom, in-person, or phone.Optional small groups will be offered throughout the year.Completedwith Coach.AnnualRequirement.Goalswill be designed around Practice Based Coaching Model.





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