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Learn How to Tie-Dye Cup Cakes -

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Nicole A. RootResident AssistantWestern Connecticut State UniversityFeatured Institution
ThesuppliesI used were the obvious WHITE (not YELLOW) cake mix. We made our own frosting but you can purchase white frosting pre-maid.Use the Wilton Gel food dyes (that are solid) and not the liquid ones. Separate the white cake batter into separate bowls and dye the bowls with batter individually. Place the individual colored cake batter into the muffin cups. You can layer it and swirl it if desired.For the frosting, take a plastic piping bag. Use the Wilton Gel food dyes again. Put the tip inside the bag. Take a small paint brush and paint a straight line with the food dye on the inside of the bag. Paint a number of lines on the bag, using different colors (paint the lines up around ¾ of the way to the top of the bag. Now put the white frosting in the bag, and squeeze the bag at the top and fold it over. Squeeze the bag to get the frosting loaded in the tip. Now you are ready to start. Frost from the edge into the center.I suggest you bake the cup cakes while you make the frosting.Learn more on the Internet. Search for Tie-Dye Cup Cakes…





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Learn How to Tie-Dye Cup Cakes -