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Group Travel Procurement Card (GTR)
Replacing the Declining Balance Card (DBC)
A GTR can be issued to a university employee responsible for traveling with a group of students to alleviate the need to take a large sum of cash on the trip.
Requirements for Obtaining GTR Card
New cardholders must complete an applicationand obtain campusCBOwritten approvalPass an on-line exam (currently waived for previous DBC holders)Sign a Procurement Cardholder Agreement
The following conditions and restrictions apply to these cards and misuse or violations of these rules will result in immediate suspension of the card and possible disciplinary action including termination.
Group Travel Policy
A group is defined as five or more students and only one card will be issued pertrip request.The card may NOT be used to purchase airfare or rental cars. These must be procured ahead of time and travelers can use the direct bill process whereby the university will pay for these items.The card may NOT be used for individual travel, recruiting, and personal expenses may NOT be charged to the card.The card may NOT be used for Cash Advances.Allowable expenses include:LodgingGround transportation such as taxis and public transportation (excluding rental cars)Tickets and toursGroup MealsIncidental items needed for the entire groupPurchases made with this card are subject to both thetravel (FIO705)and procurementcard (FIO530)policies.
Prior to the Group Trip
An approved Trip Request must be in IRIS with a list of all the individuals traveling in the groupin theComments section.The allowed per diem for meals and lodging must be listed on the Travel Request in the Comments section as well as any other expenses expected to be paid.Unlike the DBC,the GTR card does notrequire a preload request.The cardholder must signout theGTR cardpriorto each trip and return the GTR card upon the completion of the trip.
Reconciling GTR Card
The GTR procurement card statement will be uploaded into IRIS eachmonth. An email will be sent to you from Knoxville notifying when the statement is available.Whenreconciling the GTR procurement card statement, the trip number should be referenced for each line item.Receipts for all purchases on the GTR procurement card statement must be attached to the reconciled statement in IRIS.The GTR statement must be fully reconciled before travel expense report can be submitted.
Submitting Travel Expense Report
Expenses that are charged to the GTR must be entered as company paid.Receipts must be attached to the travel expense report in IRIS.A reconciled GTR statement mustbe signedby the cardholder and attached in IRIS with the signed travel expense report.





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