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Life Coping Skills -

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Life Coping Skills
Stress&Time ManagementbyValoula“Ula”Suapaia
What is Stress?
Feelingout of control or pressuredin an area or areas in life.You cannot eliminate stress or the pressures of timeStress happens!Learn to manage it well.
What can you control?
Only how you respond to what you feel and what you think(ref:Anger Management)
I.P.O.D Model of Stress andTime Management
Identify stressorsStressors are those things, people, or situations that yourespondto with tension, anxiety, worry, or an out-of-control feeling.What are some of your stressors?List stressors on the board.
PrioritizeIn order to effectively deal with stress and time we must put in order the things that are mostimportantand need attention mostimmediately.Prioritize the previous stressors on the following chart on the board.
Important– This must get done in order for life to continue.Unimportant- The world will continue even if this never gets done.Immediate– This must get done NOW!Wait– This might need to get done sometime before the next ice age.
Circle the most populated quadrant. Many of the things we spend the most effort and time on are unimportant and can wait.
OrganizeSince we cannot eliminate or control stress or the pressures of time, we mustpurposefully organizeour responses.Schedule– Using the information from identifying stressors and prioritizing, place themost important andimmediatethings on a schedule first. If we schedule things we tend to get them done and it gives a sense of control.
Routine– Repeated routine forms habits. Establish a routine time and way you deal with stress and managing tasks. Routine gives us a sense ofcontrolwhich minimizes stress and wasted time.
Plan-Make apurposeful responseplan to predicted stressors. Planning responses helps to create healthy response patterns rather than defaulting to stress responses.
Do it!
Effective management requires purposeful plans that arecarried out.A positive plan that is implemented leads tolearning and growth. The negatives that we think about five times more than the positives keep us in a stress pattern. We all have “don’ts” in our head. In order to effectively manage stress we must change the negativedon’tsinto positivedos.
“You can’t do a don’t, the only way to do a don’t is to change the don’t into a do and end up doing the do rather than doing the don’t.”(R. Newton)
List “don’ts” on the board then change each one into a positive “do”.Don’tDo____e.g. Stealing e.g. Give to otherse.g. Disrespect e.g. Compliment
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Life Coping Skills -