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CoP_ The Partnership Way

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CoP: The Partnership Way
ASDCoPNovember 2011Joanne Cashman
Social Learning
Sharing information, tips, documentsLearning fromeach otherHelping each other with challengesKeeping up with the fieldStimulating changeCreating new kinds of capacity building… more
A Framework for Building Communities of Practice(CoP)

Coalescingaround issues
Ensuring relevant participation
Infrastructure fortheCoP
Doing work together
Leading by convening
New kinds of leadershipTranslate complex challenges into ways that individuals cancontribute
Shared ConcernsWhat will bring people together?
Focus on the work and the relationshipRecognize Individual pursuits and shared goals
The right mix of stakeholdersWho must be involved to ensure changes in practice?
CoPs: the IDEA Partnership Way
Building the Infrastructure
IdentityCommunicationActivityProgressRecognitionScanning for the emerging work
Lets Get Started…
SomeCoPsare more organic in their development…others are more directed.In either case…certain processes help theCoPto:Identify its purposeDefine its valueClarify its ways of interactingDetermine how success will be measuredIntegrate theCoPinto existing workAnd much more….What will your process look like?
Defining the Community
What isobservable?Network building: relating, interacting, communicating for a reasonWhat is at the core?Collective intentionShared identity
ASDCoPon Behavioral Health:Defining Our Core
We are ________________________________that are united in _______________________to influence practice around _____________________________________________________.To accomplish this we :_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________.





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CoP_ The Partnership Way