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Plan For Extending Coping Time of Batteries - Flex project

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Surendra (Sal) SalgiaExelon Generaration6-12-16
Acceptance Test:Aconstant‑current or constant‑power capacity testmadeon a new battery to confirm that it meetsspecificationsor manufacturer's ratings.Capacity Test:Adischarge of a battery at a constant‑current orconstant‑powerto a specified terminal voltage.Duty Cycle:Theloads a battery is expected to supply for specifiedtimeperiods while maintaining a minimum specifiedvoltage.
Performance Test:Aconstant current or constant power capacity testmadeon a battery after it has been in service, to detectanychange in thecapacityService Test:Atest in the “as found” condition of the battery’scapabilityto satisfy thebatterydutycycleModified Performance Test:Atest, in the “as found” condition, of battery capacityandthe ability of the battery to satisfy the duty cycle.
Critical Attributes for Successful Discharge Test
Test EquipmentHookup:Use of clear labeling on the cables and protectivedevices. Ensurethat all power cables,protective devicesareproperly sized and ratedforDC applications.TestEquipmentPowerSources:Loss of AC power to the discharge test equipment will cause an interruption in the battery discharge load test. This could invalidate the test and require the battery to be recharged and re-tested.Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI):Unless a GFCI is clearly required by site procedures and policies, they shallnotbe used in battery testing power circuits.
Critical Attributes for Successful Discharge Test
Load bank operation:Ensure all load bank cooling fans, resistors, contactors, and fuses are intact and operatingproperlyControllerconfiguration:Laptop computersettings should be checked prior to every test to ensure that havenotbeen altered since the last test.Test instrumentcalibration:Test instruments(Voltmeter, Clamp On Ammeter, Stop Watch etc.) usedto satisfy Technical Specification surveillance parameters must be certified / calibrated. Use of redundant instrumentation is recommended to provide additional assurance in the event an instrument is lost, broken or found out of calibration.
Alarm and Shutdown Values:Alarmvalues are typically set to alert test personnel that thebatteryor cells within the battery string have reached an alertlevel.Frequency of Conducting Battery Discharge Testing Per IEEE-450:AcceptanceTest at Factory or upon initial installation as determined by the userPerformance test within first two years of service.Additional performancetests at five year intervals untilthe batteryshowssignof degradationA service test of battery capability may be required bythe user tomeet specific application requirements
Discharge Test Interruptions
InterruptionsInterruptionof a service test or the service testportion ofa modified performance test isnotpermitted.An interruption of a fixed rate performance orcapacitytest is clearly addressed in IEEE-450,whichprovides up to a 6-minute interruption. Ashort interruptionduring a performance test doesnothave asignificantimpact on the capacityevaluationof thebattery.
Common Problems with Performance /Acceptance Testing
Conclusion:Plan aheadFollow safetySTARQuestions:???





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Plan For Extending Coping Time of Batteries - Flex project