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Bots andintegrations
What are integrations?
IntegrationsWith CiscoWebexIntegrations, your team can keep their current workflowwithout missing a beat.Webexintegrates seamlessly into many industry-leadingapps — and we're adding more all the time. It's so easy, access and get notifications from your business apps right in your team space.Here are a few examples:Imagine your website goes down. A space can be automatically createdwhere all the people needed to fix the problem are invited.In sales? If your team needs constant deal updates, it’s easy to add themfrom your CRM application to a sales team space, published automaticallyin real time.Your team is collaborating on documents. A notification can be sent to aWebexTeams space every time there’s a new update.Schedule, host, and joinWebexMeetings right from the apps you workin every day by integratingWebexMeetings with your calendar.
Integrations withWebexcan really optimize your other applications
“Webexmakes Microsoft better…Cisco’sbuilt the bridges betweena killer collaboration experience,and the Microsoft productivityexperience”
Jump toCisco Webex App Hubtobrowse integrations available for popular business applications, plus some built by third-party developers that could beuseful to your organization. Simple integrations and bots can be built withoutthe need to write code, but more complex ones will need software developers.Jump todeveloper.webex.comto buildyour own integrations and bots.
What are bots?
BotsBots help users automate tasks,bring external content into the discussion, and gain efficiencies while using Webex Teams.Users can request information orset tasks to be completed in another system, all using simple, informal language. A bot isa member of a space just like a real person. The possibilities of botsare endless. They can be used for something as simple as getting weather updates where you live,or as complex as booking a meeting room or a flight.
Examples of bots:
Conduct and manage surveys botTo-do bot to manage your tasksTranslation bot to manage conversations in another languageKnowledge bot to answer questions and bring in real expertsCRM bot to manage your pipelineHR bot to answer employee questions and submit requestsWebexMeetings bot to manage your calendar





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