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Teaching geoscience concepts in a culturally_societally ...

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We will start promptly at 10:00Please sit with people you don’t know (or at least with whom you don’t normally work!)Be sure that each table has two geologists
Teaching geoscience concepts in a culturally/societally relevant context
With an emphasis on Africa
Workshop goals
Explore the intersections between geoscience and the important, societally relevant questions that frame current teaching in Pan-African studiesDevelop outlines of modules and course materials that teach geoscience concepts in the context ofAfrican/Pan-Africanissuesand use appropriatePan-African pedagogyDevelop a community that can move Pan-African geoscience teaching forward
What is geoscience?
Geoscience is about how the Earth worksFocuson the processes and products in thesolid Earth, itshydrosphere, and itsatmosphereHowand why these evolve over time in an enormous and highly complex natural systemReconstructthe Earth's past using thegeologic archive preserved in Earth materialsUnderstandour present planet with its active (and potentially hazardous) naturalgeologic processesUse both to predict the future
Why teach geoscience concepts?
Grand challenges facing humanity involve geoWater quality and supplySoil sustainabilitySafe waste disposalMineral and energy resourcesMinimizing risk from natural hazardsPredicting future impact of global warming<1% of college students take a geo courseFuture citizens need to know more about how the Earth works
Why teach geoscience in a culturally/societally relevant context?
Relevance makes the science context more engaging for many studentsDeepens the story/narrative–reveals the underlying influence of geologic processes on humans and human eventsPotential to attract diverse students to geoscience professionsGives students experience that can help them make better personal and community decisions in the futureInTeGrationinto non-geoscience courses reaches morestudents
Three examples
Teaching geoscience concepts in a culturally/societally relevant contextExample 1 - AdityaKarUsingthe geologic record toaddress the influence of environmental factors on evolutionof our hominid ancestorsExample 2: Barb TewksburyUsingthe geologic record toaddress the question why Egyptian civilization developed where and when it didExample 3:K. SolomonIsiorhoUsing concepts of hydrogeology toaddress the question of socioeconomicstanding/status and access to adequate water quality and supply inAfrica
Summary of key points
Geoscience concepts/data/approaches provide key insights for development of a more complete picture/explanationNotjust “what happened?” but, more critically, “how do we know?” and “whydid it happen?”All three could be done ineithera geoscience course or a non-geosciencecourse
Workspace pages
Go to our workshop web page: click on:Participant WorkspaceUnder Wednesday morning, click the link for your table number.Click Show editing controls > Edit this pageSAVE OFTEN
Your task
Choose a scribe for the workspaceBrainstorma list oftopics for teaching geoscience conceptsin the context of questions that have African/Pan-African societal/cultural relevanceAfter each topic, list the geoscience concepts/content that could be taught
Your task
Remember what geoscienceisHow the solid Earth, hydrosphere, and atmosphere work–processes andproductsLitmus test for topics: what is the geoscience content?Landscape:whythe landscape is the way it isWater: geologic processes constraining water supply/qualityAlternative energy (wind, solar, biofuels): the geologic underpinnings of current fossil fuelsSustainability: geologic processes governing soil qualityClimate change: using geologic record to predict the futureDesertification: geologic underpinnings of environmental degradationHuman evolution: age constraints from geologic materials; reconstructing past environments from geologic record
Topics and teams
Forming teams
Participant Workspace > Topic listAny missing or that you thought of over lunch?Team members will work together on the overall chosen topic, sharing expertiseCourse implementation does not have to be identical for each team member–broad topic and components similar but tailored for specific course
Developing an initial framework for your team’s topic and approaches
Goal: toenable students to use geoscience concepts, methods, and data to address culturally/societally relevant questions in an African/Pan-African context
This sessionWhat is the culturally/societally relevant question, and what is the general geoscience connection/underpinning that you will explore? How will this deepen students’ understanding?Whatis the African/PanAfricancontext?What concepts/methods/approaches in geoscience will students need experience with in order for them to answer thequestion (i.e.,whatdo students need to be goodat)?What non-geoscience background do students need?Into what course(s) will team members incorporate the question and the geoscience components?Will the topic chosen help students make better personal/community decisions in the future? If so, explain.What components of Pan-African pedagogy as you currently understand them will you implement?
This session
Teams work until 2:302:30: group discussion of issues/questions that have arisen so far2:45: short progress report from each teamWhat are your initial ideas?What would you like feedback on?What would you like to consult with someone about?3:15 - 4:30: teamwork and consultationsTeam Module workspace has all of the questions from the previous slide. Assign a scribe to record team ideas in your Team Module workspace.SAVE OFTEN!!





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Teaching geoscience concepts in a culturally_societally ...