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Development timeline -

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Chronic Pain Service 2014
Dr J M DaviesConsultant Anaesthetist
Development timeline
Appointed 2002, 2 clinics per month, Oban2004, Monthly clinics, Oban 3. Peripheral clinics delivered in primary care(Lorn, C’town.,Tarbert, Connel and LGH medical centres)2007, 3 Oban monthly, C’town. and Lochgilphead 0.5
Time line
2011 0.5 wte Pain Nurse appointed, provision increased, 5 Oban, 0.5 C’town. +LGH monthly.2014 Oban sessions increased for treatments.3 Block sessions, 2Nurse treatment clinics2 Outpatient clinics per monthSome treatments now delivered in LGH and C’town. with nurse support.
Services provided
Outpatient clinicsAssessmentAdviceInvestigationMinor proceduresTreatment OPInterventions (Blocks)AcupunctureQutenza
Day case proceduresx-ray guided blockscomplex needs patientsHigher risk interventions
Oban, 24 clinics per year59 New, 155 reviewsLochgilphead 6 clinics per year11 New, 48 reviewsC’town., 6 clinics per year15 New, 41 reviews
Consultant blocks, 25 clinicsX-ray 81treatmentsNon-x-ray 89 treatmentsNurse led sessionsAcupuncture,49 sessions, 141 treatmentsQuatenza,11 sessions (shared Aug. 2013)15 treatments
List of consultant procedures
Facet nerve blocksEpidural injectionsNerve root injectionsLidocaine infusionsBotox injectionsSpecific nerve blocksJoint injectionsTo name a few!
Referred out of area
Complex interventionsComprehensive psychologyOther specialties for interventionNeurosurgeryRheumatologyOrthopaedicsothers
The way ahead
Currently a Highland wide review underway as part of a National process.Movement towards a more telephone based triage system.Improve psychology input locally, PMPExpand the team including other disciplines
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Development timeline -