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English for Law 1 - Naslovnica

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English for Tax Administration Study 4
Lecturer: Miljen Matijaševiće-mail:[email protected], room 6Session1, 10 Mar 2015
EnglishforTaxAdministration4 –Courseoutline
Coursebook: Javornik Čubrić, M.,English for Tax Administration Study, Društveno veleučilište u Zagrebu, 2009.presentations available at
English forTax4coursesyllabus
10 Mar 2015 – Introduction to the Course17 Mar 2015 –TaxAdministration24 Mar 2015 –New ElectronicServicesoftheTaxAdministration31 Mar 2015 –EconomicandMonetaryUnionandtheEuro7Apr2015 –TaxationintheEuropean Union21Apr2015 –TheEuropean CourtofAuditors28Apr2015 –European Anti-FraudOffice5 May 2015 –Additionalmaterial12 May 2015 – Final Revision19 May 2015 –End-of-term Test26 May 2015 – Signatures and tutorials
OptionalRegular attendance(missing no more than 3 sessions)opportunity to take the end-of-term exam
Requirements for the examination
Mastering relevant vocabularyBeing able to talk about the topics covered by the curriculum, using relevant termsThe extra material covered in class will help you understand the content and prepare for the examThe exam will test the knowledge of the content presented in the coursebook and presentations
Optional assignments
presentationson topics more or less related to the curriculumduration: 15-20 minutes2-3 students prepare each presentation as a joint project
Before giving the presentation, students MUST:consult the lecturer about the topicconsult the lecturer about the sourcesshow the entire PP presentation, as well as the outline and notes at least one week before giving the presentationconsult the lecturer about the pronunciation of difficult words
REWARD for participating in a successful presentation:you can SKIP the oral still have to take the written testyou MUST attend the classes
Taxes (verbs)
Taxes (verbs)
Key vocabulary 1:impose a tax –uvesti, nametnuti porezlevy, collect a tax –ubirati porezavoid/evade (paying) a tax –izbjeći plaćanjeporeza /utajiti porezraise, increase –povećati porez, povisiti stopu porezacut, reduce, lower –smanjiti porez, sniziti stopu porezarescind, revoke a tax –ukinuti porez
Taxes –match them with their Croatian translations
income taxexcise taximport taxsalestaxgift taxproperty taxinheritance taxproperty sales tax
porez na nasljedstvoporez na uvoz robeporez na imovinuporez na dohodakporez na daroveporez na prometporez naprometnekretninatrošarina
Taxes (verbs) – exercise
Translate the following sentences:Michaelis incourtfortaxevasion.Thestate has imposed a new sales tax and rescinded the old one.Theproperty sales tax has been reduced to 2%.Countieslevy gift and inheritance taxes.Theincome tax has been raised this year.
Taxes (verbs) – exercise
Translate the following sentences:Michaelisincourtfortaxevasion.Michaelje na sudu jer je utajio porez.Thestatehasimposedanewsalestaxandrescindedtheoldone.Državaje nametnula novi porez na promet i ukinula stari.Thepropertysalestaxhasbeenreducedto 2%.Porezna promet nekretnina smanjen je na 2%.Countieslevygiftandinheritancetaxes.Županijeubiru porez na darove i nasljedstvo.Theincometaxhasbeenraisedthisyear.Oveje godine povećan porez na dohodak.





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English for Law 1 - Naslovnica