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English 10 - 5_23_11 -

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English 10 - 5/20/19
What is the worst thing about testing? What makes it so hard?What is the easiest way to get on TV?Tattle basket – a gossip.Goals – Discuss how to succeed on bighighstakes tests.Homework –Don’t forget to study for vocab30.
English 10 - 5/21/19
Write everything you can remember about test taking strategies.What kind of nut sounds like a sneeze?Yazzihamper– alunkhead.Goals –Checkdailywork. Do an article.Homework –Don’t forget to study forvocab 30 Friday.
English 10 - 5/22/19
What are your strategies for writing an essay in one sitting?What did one sheep say to the other when it’s friend sneezed?Smouger– a cheat;chisler.Goals –Discuss Strategy for writing an organized essay in one sitting. Look at web site for sample questions.Homework –Quiz 30postponed until Friday, May 31.
English 10 - 5/23/19
What do you like about poetry? What do you dislike?How many vampires does it take to change a lightbulb?Runnion– a paltry, scurvywretch.Goals –Work with Dennis Held to have some fun with poetry.Homework –Relax, or go to practice questions for next week’s test on Tuesday.
English 10 - 5/24/19
Write on a subject of your choice.Someone asked my boss, “How many people work here?” He said, “Oh, about four out of six.”Nithing– a base coward.Goals –Do practice testwith a partner. Go to – Use the web site to practice for SBAC on Tuesday.





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English 10 - 5_23_11 -