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G&H Radiometer/PhotometerReset Notes
Valerie Fleischauer5/8/2019
This file contains notes from the G&H manual on what parameters need to be reset on the instrument after a power cycle.The unit appears to remember the last calibration that was done (2015) based on readings from the frontpanelThe unit also still has a detector programmed in to it with a serial number
Menu Function Keys
Edit DetectorMore details in later slidesChange the description, units, and calibration factor of the selected detector
Set Response TimeAdjust the response time of each gain range from 0.1 – 25.5 sWhen measuring stable light sources, longer response times give more accurate measurements
Clear MemErases all 99 memory registersHolds readings not settings
SelectDetInputSelectsBNC InputHSD Input (OL 730-5H)MUX Input (OL 730C-MUX)Additional info within these specific manual sections
Integration ModeChange between normal current-measuring and integration mode
ZcalAll RangesScans through gain ranges and takes readings to be used as zero offsetsCleared upon power cycleWithout going through this process, the latest calibration values are used, which is generally more than adequate
Select MUX AddressSelect the desired multiplexer inputReference Select MUX section of the manual
Erase Detector(s)Are you sure?option is displayed
Menu Function Keys
Set PMT Flux LimitAdjust maximum allowable PMT outputSee PMT high voltage supplysection
Select COM InterfaceStandard RS-232C interface or GPIBMore info in theCommsProtocol Section
Set PMT High VoltageOptional power supplySee PMT high voltage supply section
Set Real Time ClockSet hour, min, date
Menu Function Keys
Set Baud RateWhat speed the serial interface communicates with the host computer300 – 9600 baud9600 is what I noted for these communications previously
Set Device AddressFor communication interface
Calibrate PreampAllows for display of latest calibration of the currently selected preamp
Menu Function Keys
Changedisplay reading on front panelCheckfor specificdetector information for our setup using information in the manual and reset the detector profileSet MUX addressSet detector address

Edit Detector
Detector setup library in manual is unfortunately blankLook in code to see if amperes->desired units calibrations are in there instead of theunitLook at settings in the front panel to double check if the calibration settings are stored somewhere since the detector info is still thereCalibrations forAmperes/opticalunitAnalog output, output voltage will be x volts per y amps of the measured detector currentAfter this is done, UNIT key may be selected to use user-defined unitsI believe we useA in our code





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