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Corinna S. Culler, RDH, DrPH - Boston University

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Audrey H. Calderwood, MD
Assistant ProfessorSection of GastroenterologyDepartment of MedicineUse of SurveillanceColonoscopy“Theprogram exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot from mentoring provided by both my peers and wise, senior faculty.”Mentor: Allen Gifford, MD
Corinna S. Culler, RDH,DrPH
AssistantProfessorHealthPolicy and Health Services ResearchBoston University Goldman School of Dental MedicineWhydon’tHispanicparents in Chelsea, MA accessavailable free dental care for their children?“Thisprogram has more than met my expectations.Itsbenefits, both from what we learned and the contacts we made, are immeasurable andwill surelylast throughout our careers. Plus, it has been fun.”Mentor:UliBoehmer, PhD
MelissaDiPetrillo, MD
Assistant ProfessorSection of General Internal MedicineDepartment of MedicineA Multi-modal Strategy for Teaching the Bedside Pulmonary Exam to Third Year MedicineStudentsMentor: Shoumita Dasgupta, PhD
Tara Dumont, MD
Assistant ProfessorSection of General Internal MedicineDepartment ofMedicineDesigning and Implementing a Women’s Health CurriculumMentor: Marianne Prout, MD, MPH
Nicole L. Glazer, PhD
Assistant ProfessorSection ofPreventive MedicineDepartment ofMedicinePhysicalactivity byaccelerometryand cardiovascular health in an agingcohortMentor: Daniel R. Brooks, DSc, MPH
Gouri Gupte, PhD
Assistant ProfessorDepartment ofHealth Policy and ManagementSchool of PublicHealthQuality Improvement Measurement SurveyMentor: Mark Meterko, PhD
Natasha Hochberg, MD, MPH
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of EpidemiologySchool of Public HealthLatent TB in Nursing Homes“Mentorship, advice,camaraderie, laughter, and free lunch. What more could we need?”Mentor: Becky Silliman, MD, PhD
Lauren Nentwich, MD
Assistant ProfessorDepartment ofEmergency MedicineSchool ofMedicineEMS Point of Entry for Large Vessel OcclusiveStrokeMentor: Judith Bernstein, PhD
Craig F. Noronha, MD
Assistant ProfessorSection of General Internal MedicineDepartment ofMedicinePerioperative Medicine CurriculumMentor: Kitt Shaffer, MD, PhD
Sharon K. Sagiv, PhD
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Environmental HealthSchool of Public HealthThe Association between Prenatal PFC Exposure and Neurodevelopment in ChildrenMentor: Peter Bergethon, MD
Winnie Suen, MD
Assistant ProfessorSection of GeriatricsDepartment of MedicineQuality Improvement TechniquesMentor: John Wiecha, MD, MPH
DevakiSudararajan, BDS
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Oral PathologyGoldman School of Dental MedicineSalivary Gland NeoplasmsMentor: Kenneth M. Grundfast, MD
Bob Varelas, PhD
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of BiochemistrySchool of MedicineSignal Transduction and CancerMentor: Wellington V. Cardoso, MD, PhD
Martina Vendrame, MD, PhD
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of NeurologySchool of MedicineTreating Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Seizure Control in Patients with EpilepsyMentor: Sanford Auerbach, MD
Ying Wu, DDS, PhD
Assistant ProfessorDepartment of General DentistryGoldman School of Dental MedicineConservative Treatment forMyofacialPainMentor: Steve R. Williams, MD





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Corinna S. Culler, RDH, DrPH - Boston University