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Texas A&M AgriLife 83rd Legislative Session General ...

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Budget Landscape
Federal Funding
* FY 2013 numbers (post sequestration) are not yet final. These are our best estimates.
83rdLegislative SessionGeneral Appropriations Act
TexasA&MAgriLifeResearchAdvancementsinwaterresourcemanagement$3 millionCotton,wool, andmohairresearch$1 millionZebrachip (maintainedin TDA billpattern)$800,000Fruit&vegetable research (rolledinto basebill)$1 millionTechnicalcorrection$162,000
83rdLegislative SessionGeneral Appropriations Act
Texas A&MAgriLifeExtension ServiceReversing the decline of quail in Texas $2 millionExpanding workforcehorizons for Texas youth $500,000Feral hogabatementprogram(maintained in TDA bill pattern) $900,000
Texas A&MForest ServiceTWPP: Texas A&M Forest Service Operations$27.2 millionTWPP: Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) Grants$10 millionTexas A&M VeterinaryMedical Diagnostic LabTVMDLCollege Station Laboratory $6 millionOther Funding:WineatTDA — restoredat $500,000Endangered Species atComptroller — $5 million
83rdLegislative SessionGeneral Appropriations Act
Supplemental Appropriations & Retirement Benefits
Supplemental Appropriations – HB 1025$161 million for WildfireCosts$162,000forAgriLifeResearch technical correction for12/13TRS Retirement Benefits:Vestedmembers (5 years of service) prior to September 1, 2014: Maintains current lawNon-vested members as of September 1, 2014: Maintains the Rule of 80, Adjusts minimum age for unreduced retirement from 60 to 62, and providesfor a 5% per year annuity reduction for those choosing to retire prior to age 62
Salary Increase for General State Employees
Agency employees will receive as salary increase1% in FY 14 ($50/month minimum)2% in FY 15





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Texas A&M AgriLife 83rd Legislative Session General ...