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Team Name Conceptual Design Review (this is a bare-bones ...

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Team NamePreliminary Design Review(this is a bare-bones template – reorder the slidesand/or make it fancier if you wish, but be sure toaddress at least the items listed here)(plan to speak for7- 9 minutes – don’t go overtime,but if your presentation is too short thenadd more content)(share the speaking time approximately equally, even ifthat means that not everyone does the same number of slides)
Include a photo of the team membersTeam Members Full NamesClass Number and Date
Introduction to Design
Introduce your rocket design to your classmates (i.e. people who know something about rockets). Show a diagram fromOpenRocket. Add labels.Point out the features that make your rocket interesting/unique. That is, explicitly state some of your team’s design decisions.
Parts List
Include a parts list (mostly for the record – you don’t need to take the time to read through the whole list orally, but at least point out the main items).
Construction Timeline
Explain the order in which the construction will proceed and the dates by which you expect to complete major milestones. Remember that both epoxy and paint require time for drying. You will probably need to work on certain parts of the rocket (like the airframe structure vs. theav-bay) in parallel – there probably won’t be enough time to do everything sequentially. Split up tasks among team members – describe on last slide.
Flight Performance Predictions
UseOpenRocketto predict how your rocket will preform with anAeroTechI140W motor and present the results here. Point out key features of the flight like the max. velocity, the max. altitude (AKA apogee), total coast time (in case you need to adjust your motor delay), planned point in flight for your drogue ejection, planned point in flight for your main ejection, estimated distance to landing point (assuming light wind conditions), etc.
Team Management
Draw an organizational chart (AKA an “Org chart”) (Look up what one looks like; note - this is afigure,nota list). In particular, state who is the “team lead” (AKA the “team contact”)? Assign at least one person to be the CAD expert (and to get things fabricated like fins and wooden parts). Assign at least one person to be theOpenRocketexpert. Assign at least one person to be theav-bay altimeter expert. Share the duties – you don’t need all team members to do everything(but everything needs to get done, of course).





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Team Name Conceptual Design Review (this is a bare-bones ...