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English for Law 1 -

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English forTaxAdministration2
Lecturer: Miljen MatijaševićG10, room 6/I,Wed11:00-12:00e-mail:[email protected]
EnglishforTaxAdministration2 –Courseoutline
Coursebook:JavornikČubrić, M.,English forTaxProfessionals, Narodne novine, 2018.presentationsavailableat
English forTaxAdministration2–syllabus
Oral examination(preceded by a written qualifying test)Attendance optional but recommendedRegular attendants can take the exam early
Requirements for the examination
Mastering relevant vocabularyBeing able to talk about the topics covered by the curriculum, using relevant termsThe extra material covered in class will help you understand the content and prepare for the examThe exam will test the knowledge of the content presented in the coursebook and presentations
presentationson topics related to the curriculumduration: 15-20 minutes2 students prepare each presentation as a joint projectminimum 3 sources must be consulted (e.g. one main and two additional)
Optional assignments
Before giving the presentation, students MUST:consult the lecturer about the topicconsult the lecturer about the sourcesshow the entire PP presentation, as well as the outline and notes at least one week before giving the presentationconsult the lecturer about the pronunciation of difficult words
REWARD for participating in a successful presentation:you can SKIP the oral still have to take the written testyou MUST attend the classes
Some suggested areas:bankingMinistry of FinanceTax Administrationcourt systemetc.
Saying numbers
Dates and years23.3.198423 Mar 1984Mar 23 198419042000Amounts£29.9940p$15.25$0.99
Decimals and percentages75 %0.5 %95.754.125Big numbers7,250150,2561,000,000 (1m)3m
Saying numbers
Dates and years23.3.1984, 23 Mar 1984, etc.the twenty-third (of) March nineteen eighty-fourMar 23 1984March the twenty-third nineteen eighty-four1904 2000nineteen oh four (year) two thousandPrices£29.99twenty-nine pounds ninety-nine (pence)40pforty pence, forty p /pi:/$15.25fifteen dollars twenty-five (cents)$0.99ninety-nine cents
Decimals and percentages75 %seventy-fivepercent0.5 %nought/zero point five percent95.75ninety-five pointseven five4.125four point one two fiveBig numbers7,250seven thousandtwo hundredandfifty150,256one hundred and fifty thousand two hundred and fifty six1,000,000 (1m)one million3mthree millionNOTE: percent, hundred, thousand, million –always singular!!!
Saying numbers - exercise
Write out these numbers in full:268,7410.987€52,955,659.684,984.6518£12,519.9975.975 %
Saying numbers - exercise
268,741–twohundredandsixty-eightthousandsevenhundredandforty-one0.98– zeropointnine-eight€52,955,659.68–fifty-twomillionninehundredandfifty-fivethousandsixhundredandfifty-nineeurossixty-eightcents4,984.6518–fourthousandninehundredandeighty-fourpointsix-five-one-eight£12,519.99–twelvethousandfivehundredandnineteenpoundsninety-ninepence75.975 %-seventy-fivepointnine-seven-fivepercent
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English for Law 1 -