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A little bit of history
How to motivate students to learn grammar
19th Century
David Walker saw how evident it was the importance of grammar.
Raymond Williams talks about a "third revolution".
Grammar knowledge was only available to the privilege individuals then it started to be available for everyone.
Students use to just copy but not understand other people's work, when the "third revolution" came things changed.
Is more straight-forward; time saving
A lot of rules can be more simply and clearly explain
Analytic learners feel more comfortable
Young learners might get bored and not motivated.
Students are passive in this type of method.
Make students believe grammar is just knowing the rule.
Some learners might feel frustrated and would like just to know the rule.
Concepts give implicitly might lead to to have the wrong concept of the rule.
Time and energy consuming.
Learners are trained to discover the rule, enhacing learning autonomy.
If the rule discovery is done in group it can promote language interaction.
Students are active subjects.
Web-based Comic Strips
Song: No Matter What
-Think of a relationship you have had (romantic, family, friendship, etc.).
Did the other person in the relationship share your beliefs? How did you deal with a difference in your beliefs?
-If you were in a relationship that your friends or family did not approve of, would you stay in the relationship? Why or why not?
During Listening:
-Divide the class into seven groups. As you listen to the song, each group will work together to fill in a cloze stanza (see below). Then you will share your completed stanza with the whole class (see appendix A).
-Presentation of noun clauses: form, functions and use
Drama Techniques
They should be student-centered.
They should be motivating, enjoyable, and that they increase self-reliance and autonomy.
They should provide students with real-world tasks that have value outside the language classroom.
"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I'll remember, involve me and I'll learn." Chinese Proverb

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