Free Animated Presentation Software for Delivering Interactive Presentations

As free animated presentation software, Focusky can create interactive presentations with its beautiful templates, stunning zooming effect, rich multimedia, great animation effects and so on.

No one will dispute that PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software at the moment. But even so, it is still not an almighty presentation tool to meet everyone's need. That's why PowerPoint alternatives have sprung up in recent years. If you tired of linear slideshows, you can have a try on Focusky which is quite different from normal slide-to-slide presentations.

In-motion presentation Free

In comparison with other presentation software, Focusky display presentations in a different mode, putting slides in motion. Rather than applying linear slideshow concept, Focusky places slides on a big canvas. The entire slides are in motion and with cool spinning effects, which makes presentations dynamic and vivid. That is why slides in Focusky are also called paths.
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Rich media

Adding text, shape, image, audio or video to presentations is a common feature of most presentation software. However, Focusky gives you more options. Free presentation maker serves to embed link (link to web page, specific path or file), online video, flash, chart and symbol. And built-in resources like shapes are continuously updated to meet users' requirements. Rich media truly do a lot to captivate audience: the static media like images can beautify your presentation, while dynamic media can definitely bring your presentation to life.

Dynamic animation effect

In addition to zooming effect, Focusky serves to add animation effects to the inserted objects and paths. Animation editor offers a number of effects, including entrance effects, exit effects and emphasis effects. You have complete control over when the effect appears and how long it lasts. You are also free to change the effect or remove it.

Unlimited scaling

Unlimited scaling feature of Focusky gives you ability to zoom in / out freely without decreasing images' clarity. In this way, you need not restrict your content in limited space, just as what you do in PPT. The unlimited zooming canvas allows you to display as much content as you like.