Free Slide Show Maker for Creating Wedding Photo Slideshows

Focusky is a free slide show maker that allows you to create fabulous wedding photo slideshows with no efforts. As a versatile slideshow creation tool, Focusky provides you with a lot of features to make your photo slideshow more vivid. Unlike other slideshow makers, Focusky offers a fresh way to showcase your photo slideshow with cooling zooming effect. Besides that, you can apply different professionally pre-designed templates to make your own gorgeous wedding photo slideshow, which really saves your time and energy. Of course, you are able to share your wedding slideshow presentation with your families and friends via different social networking sites instantly as well.

Interactive Multimedia Free

Focusky free slide show maker supports various image formats such as GIF, PNG and JPEG. And besides the photos, you can make your slideshows more interactive by adding other animated elements such as the music, YouTube video, audio, flash, smart art, roles and so on.

Animated Transitions

It’s common to see transitions across traditional slide-to-slide photo slideshows, but that happens only between two conjunctional slides. However, there are 3 transition effects in Focusky including the zooming effect, panning effect and rotation effect, which enables you to present your wedding slideshow in a cooling and non-linear way. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to have a try?
Download Focusky Desktop Version

Unlimited Zooming Canvas

The most impressive part of a Focusky presentation is the way it showcases your photos. Instead of slide to slide, your photos can be presented on a wide-open canvas. And anyone who views the slideshow can zoom and pan over the unlimited canvas.

Easy Sharing

Now you’ve created an amazing wedding photo slideshow, you must love to share it with the world. Focusky enables you to publish the slideshow in various formats for online or offline viewing. It can be shared on social networks or embedded in websites and blogs with ease.