Free Slideshow Maker for Making Dynamic Photo Slideshow Easily

Are you seeking a tool to create dynamic slideshows from your photos and preserve your memories? Professional Focusky can do you a great favor. This free slideshow maker ensures you to present your memories with a multimedia slideshow. A perfect combination by text descriptions, pictures, video clips, music and narration is affecting. After creating and publishing, you can upload your slideshow directly to social networks. Plus, the finished slideshow can be burned to DVD, or saved for other portable devices and watch it on TV.

Easy-to-use features of Focusky allow you to drag and drop photos to arrange the slides properly. The amazing transition effects are varied, including zoom, fade, panning and zooming to bring your photo slideshow to life. Besides, built-in optimization tools helps to enhance your photos. You can even make a video of your photo and insert it to the slideshow. Is it wonderful? Learn more features from following text.

100% Free & Easy Free

Professional slideshow maker - Focusky is totally free and easy to use. There is no Flash, JavaScript, css, html5 coding skills needed, but everyone can make their own online photo slideshow with simple clicks. Furthermore, Focusky allows you to add photos with different formats like BMP, GIF, JPG, GIF, GIFF, PNG, TIF, PSD, ICO, etc. And you can instantly preview the effect of your slideshow project from start to end by a preview checking box in real time.
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Customize Slideshow Templates

As a powerful template-based flash slideshow maker, Focusky makes it easy to create a stunning slideshow online. With no coding skills required, you are allowed to customize the templates for an eye-catching slideshow. However easy steps and less time-consuming, your slideshow will be more inspiring.

Stylish Slideshow with Transition & Multimedia

Focusky provides you with a wide range of stunning transition effects to enrich your slideshow. You can totally create an amazing sideshow with your own picture by customizing the zoom effect, transition style and transition duration. In addition, you are able to click to preview the actual effect in a real time. Plus, adding video clips and music to the slideshow strengthens your stylish photo slideshow!

Share Slideshows Anywhere

Sharing slideshows with your friends and family is sharing your life’s moments with them. Focusky supports you to share your valuable slideshow via social networks and email, then more people can enjoy your feelings from slideshow. Meanwhile, Focusky helps to quickly convert photos slideshow into video slideshow, you can burn it to a CD for playback. Great convenience!