How to Make An Animated Presentation with Multimedia

Focusky is a powerful multimedia presentation creating tool at the click of a mouse. It optimizes your efforts for giving

the best animated presentation of life. The powerful built-in editors and designers will help you make interactive media rich slideshow,

which can be viewed, shared and distributed on social, web, and mobile platforms.

Memorable Presentation Example

Ideas Matter · Stunning Animated & Non-linear Presentation · Wide-open Canvas

How to Make an Animated Presentation with Video and Audio

Step 1. Slect A Suitable Template

Focusky uses HTML5 technology to create animated presentations with a few clicks and drags. Without codes or any programming skills required, easy-to-use interface makes you a professional designer. 6 different ways ensure you to start strong and have fast creating presentation. Among which, thousands of online templates will help you arrange everything perfectly in presentation.

Step 2. Add Multimedia

Make full use of multimedia elements in presentation and provide people with compelling and persuasive visuals. Focusky enables you to embed videos and audios to enrich presentation with a sense of resonance. At the same time, you could insert images in all popular types to beautify your content. While links, roles, slideshow, animations and interactions are easily customized in presentation for furthering more detailed information with only few clicks.

Step 3. Publish to Cloud

Build-in super editors give you a wonderful journey to have animated presentation. As you have finished designing, Focusky cloud-based platform offers a free and safe cloud hosting service for you to publish presentation online. Awesome publishing solutions (homepage, bookcase, statistics, etc.) are available for making you stand out from competitors and reach globally.

Step 4. Share to Social Channels

Start simply - just surprise people. New-style non-linear presentation published online is shareable on all channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more social platforms. You thus can make everyday communication with people and tighten up relationship with them. At the same time, you are easy to embed well-designed presentation to sites for increasing website traffic. Mobile-friendly presentation reading is gorgeous.

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