Mobile PowerPoint Creator Tool

Focusky is the best PowerPoint creator tool to make HTML5 presentations that can

not only be read on different mobile devices seamlessly but also shared

widely on the internet.

HTML5 Presentation Example

HTML5-based Presentation · Mobile-friendly Presentation · Shareable Presentation

HTML5-based Presentations

In Focusky, you are able to create HTML5 presentations with great zooming, panning and rotating effect in its unlimited canvas. Additionally, you can enrich your HTML5-based presentations with rich multimedia (links, videos, images, sounds, slideshow, etc) and animation effects(entrance/emphasis/exit effects and action paths) as well.

Upload Presentation to Cloud

It is totally free for you to upload your presentations to Focusky cloud platform. Your online presentations can be saved in My Presentations automatically. At the same time, you can also arrange your presentations in a delicate showcase and embed your showcase in your website quickly and easily.

Share Presentations via Social Media

Once you publish your presentation online, you are able to share your presentation via social media such as the Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and the more. It is an effective and cheap way for you to make your presentation reach more and more audiences.

Embed Presentations into Website/Blog

Focusky enables you to embed your presentations into your website/blog. There are two options for you to embed your HTML5 presentations into your website including IFrame Embed and Lightbox Embed. You can not only optimize your website but also explain your ideas clearly in this way.

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