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Focusky is one of the most powerful presentation tools you can use in any

business situation to reach and engage your customers. Make impressive

presentations that will lead conversion!

Impressive Presentation Sample

Ready-to-use animated characters· Data visualization · Design flexibility

Library to Save Reused Elements

It is convenient for you to find and reuse the elements if you have imported them to My library which organizes the element by category. Instead of uploading the repeated elements again and again, you can directly click to add them.

Guides for Alignment

The guides make it easy to manually align texts, images, shapes and other objects precisely to a specified area. Just drag the objects and drop them to a specific location with reference to the guides shown on the canvas.

Free Adjustment of Transparency

A lot of objects, including images and symbols, can be applied to all levels of transparency, so that you are able to add blur effect to create focus, establish hierarchy and highlight elements in the business presentation.

Seamless Sharing on Social Media

Sharing the business presentation is just a click away. Embed the presentation into kinds of website, and share the link to the presentation on social network like Facebook to get the work noticed by millions of Internet users.

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