Free HTML5 Video Presentation Maker

Focusky is a modern and sophisticated presentation maker designed for anyone

to create videos and presentations. All types of presentation designed

to a professional one in minutes.

Responsive Visual Experience

Great dynamic and zooming effects . Rich media integrating. Free HTML5 video presentation

Rich Media Integrating

No limit to add any types of media to your presentation. Add beautiful pictures, refined graphics, nice music and video, do anything you want. Besides, Focusky allows you to add recording or directly record by yourself. The web videos from some video resources are also supported in your presentation..

Amazing Zooming Effects

When you want to emphasize a single object in the presentation, zooming in and out will be very effective and easily accomplished. When working with Focusky presentation maker, you have options to apply this amazing effect to create awesome video presentation according to your requirements.

Available for Mobiles

On the basis of HTML5 technology, Focusky not only can give you a perfect way to make a stylish video presentation, also let you seamlessly view and share presentation on any HTML5 compliant device. Such mobiles devices as iPhone, iPad, Android devices, smartphone, and tablets can make it possible to deliver moving presentations wherever you move.

Multiple Animation Description

Apply multiple animation effects to any object in your presentation, including a single string text, a shape, an image, a SmartArt graphic and more. This will help to make all your video design look more dynamic and interesting.

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