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New from Images

Focusky is a powerful tool to increase efficiency and productivity when making presentations. You are able to convert existing photos into non-linear presentation in seconds. Just select photos you want to add, select slides layout (circle layout, curve layout, helix layout, lateral linear layout, fish bone layout, random layout and more layouts) and template, few steps you can have a beautiful presentation.

Super Image Editor

Experience the full power of image editing with Focusky built-in image editor. Apart from the basic image editing like cutting, resizing or rotating, this HTML5 slide presentation maker also enables you to achieve a better image presenting result with special image effect added. Design-friendly image editing interface available to beautify your images with magic mirror, oil paint, noise, skew, blur, gray and sharp effects.

Animated Slide Show

Your HTML5 slide presentation will leave a lasting impression for audiences with animated slide show. Default, scrolling, fade, turn, album, shift, zoom and 3D flow, 8 visual types of slideshows focus on different style to present your image content. In this case, your presentation will be interesting and engaging to capture attention.

Cloud Publishing Platform

To reach widely and share your unique stories, creative ideas, even more extraordinary things, you can upload your slide presentation online to Focusky cloud. Cloud-based platform is free to use, which offers awesome publishing solution to make your presentation secure and high performing. It is beneficial for you to stand out online and reach globally.

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