Responsive 3D Powerpoint Maker

As the next generation of presentation technology, Focusky ensures you to switch to present

3D presentation today. You could use infinite canvas, transition and zooming

effects to give gorgeous presentation.

Visual Presentation Example

User-friendly Interface · Path of Discovery(3D Camera) · Unlimited Hosting Cloud Platform

Mind-mapping Experience

Imagination is behind every innovation. Focusky creates animated presentation in mind-mapping style. Differ from PowerPoint slide-to-slide presenting mode, you can easily manage a mind map to showcase your content. By logically arranging your presentation content from whole to part or part to whole, audiences can follow your mind clearly, and understand your information seamlessly.

3D Visual Impact

Creative 3D presentation will give audiences a big surprise and visual shock. On the one hand, you are able to utilize 3D transition effects such as zooming, panning and rotating to present paths. While the other, try to design a suitable 3D background for the whole presentation. It is believe that immersive presentation will play like a 3D movie, amazing audiences on multiple platforms.

Text-to-speech System

Finding a professional voice to perfectly match responsive 3D presentation? Focusky ensures speech synthesis to convert your input text into professional sound. Chinese, English, Cantonese, unique dialects by different people will give audiences an extraordinary presentation experience. Never forget to adjust sound’s speed and volume for professional results.

Broadcast & Control

You are sure to have a gorgeous presentation sharing on social networks, devices and sites. Broadcasting 3D presentation online and offline is a matter of minutes. In addition, Focusky also ensures you to stay in charge of the presentation. Start encryption settings and adding password, it can protect your presentation content from unauthorized view and revise.

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