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Animated web content become a lot easier. Focusky is a popular HTML5 presentation creator

to simplify presentation development. You can have a mobile-friendly

presentation in a new perspective.

Professional Presentation Example

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Enjoy Limitless Exploration

Go explore and see for yourself. Focusky explore section gives hundreds of HTML5 presentations online for presenting and sharing. Worldwide publishers make presentations themselves and provide rich experience on any screen. With everything freely to read, you can enjoy different styles presenting, unique path design and outstanding themes organization. Find your inspirations online and start your own presentation journey now!

Own the Journey

Feature-rich Focusky inspires you to own your journey by creating remarkable content experience for every stage of life. You could freely uses video backgrounds, 1000+ online royalty vector resources to enhance presentation with at-a-glance result. Controlling how contents are being used across the organization leads to a better insights on mobile platforms.

Rich, Curated Experience

Translating ordinary elements into visualized details across iPhone, iPad and desktop. Professional online editors includes animation editor, interaction designer and image editor will simplify and beautify your design in presentation. Make your HTML5 presentation rich on all mobile devices will leave audiences a strong memory.

Split Screen View

Built-in split screen view feature is powerful for presenters to ensure a perfect presenting result. The total split screen consists of time, thumbnails of paths, remarks. When your computer has split screen mode, you then can perfect remark settings to remind you of the speech content. At the same time, to well arrange the time of paths presenting. As audiences will never see your notes for your presentation, you will be a confident and professional presenter stand in front of them.

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