Free Desktop Presentation Software

Focusky is powerful desktop presentation maker for designer to make dynamic

and interactive presentation on desktop. Free and Safe software makes it

possible to edit and share presentation works online.

Prominent Presentation Sample

Incredibly rich creation materials · Various output channels · Powerful cloud platform

Free and Safe Download

Focusky is a free and powerful presentation making platform that enables everyone to download the presentation software to begin a professional work on desktop out of charge. No coding, no third party installation, you can quickly convert a static content into an animated and engaging presentation with Focusky desktop presentation software. And millions of online templates can be used for your own stylish presentation on any topics.

Cloud Platform Publishing Option

Multiple distribution channels will make you convenient to publish your created desktop presentation online. Focusk Cloud Online Cloud is very helpful for both businesses and individual users. They don't have to upload the presentation to their own servers. Just in need of one click of "Publish to Cloud", the amazing online platform will automatically save and host all your published presentation works.

Easier Online Editing

Focusky's service is excellent for marketing, education, and anyone who wants to create content that stands out from the crowd. On this online platform, you are capable of editing the uploaded presentation and manage showcase with building and editing features. Even you can edit the text version to control how search engines index your online presentation.

Diverse Methods for Sharing Online

It is a better to make your presentation sharable all over the world, so that you will be easy to market your business. Focusky lets you do all of these with its brilliant sharing and social connection features. Once the presentation is published online, you will have the right to share it with your friends or other people through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more), link, QR code and email. For the presentation embedding sharing, it is also very simple. You can copy the embedded code of the presentation and past it into your HTML file. Everything is under your control.

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