Offline Presentation Software

Focusky is the best presentation software that can help to create many types of

presentation with elegant design and vivid animation, and make it possible

to distribute presentations offline flexibly.

Brilliant Creation Experience

Modern method to creating online presentation · Offline publishing solution · Cloud-based platform

Create A Professional Presentation in Minutes

Focusky gives you the way to break the traditional slide-to-slide PowerPoint, and makes you easier to create a professional presentation with animation effects in minutes. A variety of creation channels include new from images, PowerPoint, empty project and more. Massive pre-set online templates will be also provided to start captivating presentations for any topics. Even though you have no any experience in the presentation design, you can anything as you wish.

Customize Media Rich Content Freely

Whether you are making a presentation for individual or business, make sure to add some interesting and useful media to the content to capture more attentions. With Focusky, you are capable of describing your project with rich media such as shapes, images, slideshow, ArtWord, music, videos, symbols and more. Along with the selected theme, these media elements will exactly contribute to an impressive presentation.

Share in Diverse Ways

You are not only allowed to show an engaging presentation work on all kinds of devices, but also share it with others in many convenient and efficient ways. Making your option to share the presentation via email, link, QR scanning and website embedding, there will be no any trouble with this presentation software. Even you have the right to share your work to social media to make it reachable for more people.

Publish for Offline Watching

Apart from the creation of a perfect presentation work, you are also able to distribute your storyline content offline for viewing. More publishing types including windows application(exe), video, archive(zip), PDF, Mac OSX application, will completely make it realized to present and watch without having Internet connection. Be sure that the windows application is for PC, and the Mac OSX application is for Mac system.

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