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Non-linear presentation is easy to focus attention. Focusky training presentation software offers a free

service for you to make intuitive education presentation. Gorgeous presentation

design present your ideas visually and logically.

Well-designed Presentation Example

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A Creative Narrative

Being proven to works for publishers at every level of the organization, Focusky ensures everyone to present content in a new perspective. You can easily elevate presentation standard with free training presentation services. The HTML5 non-linear presenting, 3D amazing transition, zooming without blurring of presentation will give compelling visuals. It is powerful to arouse learners’ interest and make you a popular educator.

Videos to Tell More

Videos are direct ways to present content. As you have online education, you can embed some videos in presentation to provide more details, which will deepen learners’ memory of the learning. What is more, built-in screen recorder brings great convenience for you to create video materials for training. Click to capture your desktop activities and record how you finish the task in a visual way.

Links Further Info

Make your training presentation more specific and engaging by adding links. Link to web page, link to path, link to file, link to folder, four different ways benefit you to further your teaching content with related information. Links are giving interactive way to improve learners’ reading experience, it makes them more inspiring when they have to click and explore more contents.

Of Course Interaction

Training presentation with flexibility and interaction will bring great impact in enhancing learning atmosphere. For one thing, interaction designer helps you to animate presentation in minutes. With action object, mouse operation and trigger object management, learners can easily follow your educational content, then participate themselves in active learning. At the same time, Focusky annotation feature is easy to make learners stay focused on your important points when presenting.

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