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Focusky is the best presentation software tool that can be used to create, design,

present and share stunning and animated presentations online and offline

for free.

Excellent Presentation Sample

Interactive presentation with animation effect · Integrated with social media · Cloud-based Platform

Tens of Awesome Animation Effects

Animation is one of outstanding features from Focusky that makes it easy to create a gorgeous presentation with animation effects. Whether adding entrance effects , emphasis effects, exit effects or action paths, to the presentation, it will quickly satisfy your requirements. It is very perfect for creating a presentation with 3D visual experience.

Integrated with Social Media

You are able to share any kinds of presentations as you like With Focusky software. When you publish a presentation online, there will be a unique URL generated to you, you can share it with other via social network, which is truly good for connecting with audiences. Especially, for the business promotion, it is extremely important.

Multiple Publishing Options

Focusky presentation software, on the basis of advanced HTML5 technology, allows users to publish their presentation project in a multiple channels: Publsih to Cloud, Windows Application(exe), Video, Flash Web Page(.html), HTML5 Web Page, MAC OSX Application, Archive(.zip), Mobile Type(.mfs) and Publish as PDF. It can exactly help to meet all demands from different people and make it more convenient to view a great work.

Powerful Cloud-based Platform

Focusky provides a Cloud-based platform that makes it compatible with any modern browser in any operating system. No matter whether you started and present your animated presentation on the Mac or PC, it will look the same, and simply access the URL. Once you publish your presentations to the Cloud, they will be hosted orderly in the online newsstand which makes you showcase and share your item easier.

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