Free Marketing Presentation Software

Focusky offers the easiest way to create awesome marketing presentation

which can engage audiences online and offline. It is a powerful tool

to increase the sale and conversion.

Great Presentation Sample

Escape from linearity· Visual contexts· Deliver online and offline

Simplicity and Clarity with Frames

Frames allow you to group elements together and control exactly what your audience will see, clearing away the clutter and helping focus on key idea to unlock your creative flow. Focusky has prepared a variety of frames for you to add.

Professional Theme

Do not be anxious about keep consistency in style for all slides. Apply one of many pre-designed themes to put an eye-catching design to an idea and ensures consistency of font and color among all your contents.

Collaborative Work

Multi-user account option provides the viewing and editing access to the created presentation for more than one user. The members of your marketing team can work on the same presentation, regardless of their location.

Accessibility at Any Place

The presentation can be embedded into websites. You are also able to share the link to the presentation on social media, so that anyone at any place can access your presentation with a web browser and join your audience in real-time.

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