Free Multimedia Presentation Software

Focusky, known as free multimedia presentation make software, supports all level

prsenters to create stunning online presentations with rich media in a matter of
minutes .

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Interactive Videos

Presentations with videos prove to be more appealing than the presentations with plain texts in a whole. To be honest, Focusky is the perfect multimedia presentation software for you to create your engaging presentations with videos online or offline. Furthermore, recording your own videos and embedding them in your presentations are also within your control as well.

Beautiful Animations

Focusky provides tons of animation for you to apply in your presentations. They are classified into different categories including cloud, person, dynamic background, picture frame, animals, Christmas and the more. No matter what the topic you are going to present, you can nearly find the necessary animations you need.

Clickable Links

It is nearly impossible to explain all the information in a presentation in a limited time. So in order to present a simple but informative presentation, you are recommended to add clickable links to your presentation contents that deserve to be further investigated by audiences themselves. Whether you want to add a link to web page/path/file/folder,Focusky meets all your expectations.

Engaging Slideshows

Vivid slideshow is another way to make your presentations more engaging and attractive. Focusky makes it simple for you to present image slideshows in different mode such as scrolling, fade, turn, album, shift, zoom, 3D Flow and the more. It is the powerful weapon to animate your presentation and thus catch your audience’s attention.

Vivid Sounds

You are able to create a certain mood when you add different background music in your presentations. Focusky enables you to add music or recording in your presentations. In the meanwhile, the speech synthesis allows you to automatically transfer texts into different languages such as the English, Taiwan dialect, Mandarin and the like.

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