Free Interactive Slideshow Software

With the help of Focusky slide maker, you are able create interactive slideshows

with multi media and photo gallery. It's the best tool to present contents

in an extremely attractive way.

Unique Slideshow Example

Interactive slideshows with animated characters · Mind-mapping experience · Multi-language Support

Creative Templates for Beautiful Design

No worry about the lack of design skills. There are thousands of pre-made professional templates for you to design your unique slideshow, which can fix the audience’s eye on the content. You can find kinds of templates for various occasions.

Infinite Canvas to Arrange contents

All contents will be arranged on the infinite canvas of Focusky. Audience can have a clear idea of how your ideas relates to one another conveyed, based on the spatial relationship between different points on this canvas.

Interaction Options to Involve Audience

Focusky offers interaction options for you to set trigger behavior that attracts your audience, gets them thinking, and hooks them right from the start of your presentation. Take a look at all these interaction options to apply the best one.

Add Annotations to Get Message Across

Do not forget to add the annotation to make your message easier to understand. You are not limited to highlight the important points by circling. Focusky allows you to draw to write with the brush tool when you are adding the annotation.

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