Free Birthday Presentation Creator

Get a wonderful presentation for birthday in Focusky. Keep the joyful cheers

and laughter forever with an amazing presentation and show to share

it to all friends and families.

Stunning Presentation Example

Interactive presentation with multimedia · Cloud-based solusion · Mobile friendly-view on all devices

Awesome Festival Templates

Easily apply the pre-designed festival templates to begin your presentation, which has no requirements on any designing and engineering skills. Just pick out one template and add some embellishments, then get an amazing presentation.

Zooming No Blurring

Zoom in and out to create stunning presenting effect. You can zoom in to magnify the wonderful moments and parts in the birthday party. Show audiences all the details. Or zoom out to introduce the outline schedule.

Happy Background Music

One piece of background music plays an important role in the whole presentation, helping to enhance the atmosphere. Give your audiences the hearing enjoyment during the presentation. Inaddition, you can customize the music clip and icon.

Video and Slideshow

You can easily insert video and slideshow into the presentation for better embellishment. Collect all the treasure videos on birthday party and insert them into the presentation. Moreover, make some photo galleries to display all your photos about the party.

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