Free OSX Video Presentation Software

As the professional OSX video presentation software for Mac users,

Focusky gives you a free solution to make engaging

presentation without hassle.

Stunning Presentation Example

Interactive presentation with multimedia · Cloud-based solusion · Mobile friendly-view on all devices

Greatly Simplify Processes

It is better and easier than PowerPoint. So easy to have a start with hundreds of template. Multiple themes and layouts are there for you. Focusky gives stimulation to create your unique presentation with dragging and dropping on the unlimited canvas.

Grossly Organize in Logic

Everything is under your control from part to whole. Make one animated presentation in a logical way and lead your audience to follow your mind naturally, all of which would be easier to understand you.

Gripping 3D Transition

Make a breakthrough at the transition effect from the traditional slide mode to the 3D one. Under the help of zooming, panning and rotating effect, you can get an active presentation and amaze and impress your audience.

Gorgeously Animation

Even a novice can make the presentation animated with all kinds of amazing effects in Focusky. With the animation editor, you can add multiple effects for the contents. Make your presentation an animated video without anything complicated.

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