Online Video Presentation Maker

As the professional HTML5 video presentation maker, Focusky offers an online

platform to present, edit, and share your video presentation.

Make awesome experience for audience.

Stunning Presentation Example

Interactive presentation with multimedia · Cloud-based solusion · Mobile friendly-view on all devices

Extraordinary Video Player

There are a variety of video appearances for the video inserted.

Justchoose a stylish shape for the video. So easy to give it an embellishment. Also, show the display control bar if it would add

color for your video and presentation.

Enjoyable Animated Roles

The animated role is one of the admirable materials in the Focusky library. Easily make one animated video presentation under the help of this kind of roles. Various kinds of roles are available there (teacher and student, business man and worker, doctor, nurse and patient).

Elegant Background music

Background music is the key to harmonize atmosphere of the presentation. The combination of music and presentation easily grasp attention from audiences, simultaneously, gives them a new sense of hearing and visual enjoyment.

Enjoyable Online Sharing

You can easily share your HTML5 video presentation to audiences in the list of showcase in your homepage. There are multiple ways available. Share it around through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

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