Animated Wedding Album Template

Wedding day would be one of your important days in the whole life. There would be a pretty number of photos captured in that day to record your wedding. Or even you would get some romantic and amazing video. These are all treasure memory for your life. Would you think of making a wedding album to put all your photos and video into for better collection and sharing?

The above is an animated wedding album made by Focusky designers. There are a certain amount of photo frames in this presentation, which allows you to replace the photos with yours. The 3D photo frames makes this album more animated.

Besides of the photos, you could add some romantic and thankful words for your photos to record more details of the wedding. Next, slideshow is another nice choice for displaying the photos. You could collect a serious of photos in one slideshow and let them play automatically with default effect. Thirdly, add video in to your album making it more attractive and rich. Finally, it is time to publish your wedding album. There are 9 formats you could choose. Publishing your digital album as video format is a recommendable option, which is quite convenient for offline saving. If you want to share your animated photo album to your friends and families, you can publish it to Cloud. And you could get a link and QR code for your album, which can be share around.

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How to use this template in Focusky?

1. Download Focusky presentation software and install in your computer(supports both Windows and Mac device). The presentation software contains 1,000+ free presentation templates for nearly all topics and industries.

2. Pick a template you want from the software interface. You can also enter keywords in the search box in the upper right corner of software and find a suitable template for your topics.

3. Edit the template in Focusky and make your own presentation with ease.