Free Nutrition Presentation Template

Get ready to refresh your audiences and keep them engaged. This awesome nutrition presentation template is for you to create stunning presentations that can be widely shared online. Say goodbye to traditional slide-to-slide presenting format, you now can catch wider attention and realize positive results with new, modern non-linear HTML5 presentations.

This template is well designed with 3D gradient background, zooming and rotating path transitions. You are able to manage contents in circle frames on infinite canvas. All added elements' layers are adjustable. Then, utilize visual contents like images, roles, SWFs, slideshows, videos and WordArt to decorate every frame and provide multimedia enjoyment for audiences.

Focusky sparks your great creativity with built-in editors. You are not only have animation editor and interaction editor to animate details in presentations. What is more, you can also take full advantage of chart editor to showcase nutritional ingredient. Data visualization is awesome to make audiences well understand your contents. This free PowerPoint alternative is professional that it provides free and safe cloud hosting service to publish beautiful presentations online, you will surely be the outstanding one via Internet.

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How to use this template in Focusky?

1. Download Focusky presentation software and install in your computer(supports both Windows and Mac device). The presentation software contains 1,000+ free presentation templates for nearly all topics and industries.

2. Pick a template you want from the software interface. You can also enter keywords in the search box in the upper right corner of software and find a suitable template for your topics.

3. Edit the template in Focusky and make your own presentation with ease.